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Coral Restoration and Monitoring Program

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A unique partnership between Vone Research and The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of Florida allowed us to streamline the permitting process for the Reef Restoration and Monitoring Program, which now allows damaged reefs to be repaired.

Previously, when resources to repair a damaged reef were unavailable, the reef tracts were simply left to die.  Before Vone Research’s involvement, there was no simple way, devoid of mountains of red-tape, for any group to repair a damaged reef.
Vone Research is currently the only volunteer organization, in Florida, to be granted a coral reattachment permit. We are now training other volunteer groups in reef restoration techniques which will qualify them to obtain these reef-saving permits. 

By involving high school students in our reef restoration projects we are in shoring that future generations  feel empowered that their actions can truly make a difference. And they see this firsthand when As a result of their work. The reefer covers from catastrophic damage.



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