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Reef Saving Mooring Buoy System

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For over a decade, Vone Research has been involved with the mooring buoy system off South Florida.  This allows boaters to easily moor their boat without causing any reef damage, normally associated with conventional anchoring. The mooring buoy system consists of a permanent anchor  which is cemented securely in the  reef. A shackle is attached to the anchor point with a line that goes to a buoy on the surface. The bully then has a tagline attached. The tagline is a line with an eye (loop)  sliced at the end.   The boater simply passes  a line that is attached to his bow  ( the front of the boat at the pointy end) through the eye and back to the bow for simple secure attachment. Vone Research created a instructional video to teach volunteers the technique used to inspect a the mooring buoy system.

  In 2008 & 2009, working with David K. Stout of Broward County Environmental Protection We  taught volunteers and Sea Scouts  how to  construct mooring buoys.  Measuring, cutting  the line, and then splicing it, making it into something that can be  use by the public to protect our environment. This was a fantastic opportunity to teach where the end result of making a difference could be seen. We constructed and installed twenty-one new buoys. 

Seeing the buoys in use empowered the students to know that their work made a difference.


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