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Shipwreck Snorkel Trail

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Working in conjunction with the Marine Archaeology Council and the city of Lauderdale by the Sea, Vŏnē Research was instrumental in the creation of the Ship­wreck Snorkel Trail, located in Lauderdale by the Sea.

Once the site was selected and surveyed, Vŏnē Research placed a ballast pile containing nearly four tons of rock. The ballast pile was then cemented together and anchored to the ocean floor to prevent disturbance by wave action. Each cannon was constructed of 360 pounds of concrete which was donated by Rinker and poured into a mold on loan from the state of Florida Bureau Underwater archaeology. The cannons needed to be cemented to the ocean floor and pinned together on angles to give them the greatest stability.

Vŏnē Research obtained an old wood stock anchor dating in back to the 1800s, which was placed on the snorkel trail site. During Oceanfest, keynote speaker Jean-Michel Cousteau, graciously honored Vŏnē Research for our contribution to the park during the dedication ceremony.

The Shipwreck Snorkel Trail is in shallow water and is easily accessible for snorkelers to enjoy. 

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