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To whom it may concern:

On May 2, 2004, Vone Research returned to the area just north of the Boca Raton Inlet.  We originally reported on this area on April 15, 2004.   It is located .26 miles from the beach in 33

feet of water at 26 20.316 N 080 03. 841 W. * All photographs are in this general area*

When we arrived, the tide was going out and there was a distinctive turbidity plume coming out of the inlet and going directly over the reef that is being buried.

 Divers went in to survey the area and noticed an increase of sand deposited since the last report. The divers then took three sand samples.  These samples will be given to Dr. Harold R. Wanles , a geologist with the University of Miami.  Dr. Wanles’ intern, Katie Maier,  who is working on a Masters degree in Marine Biology, will be doing a report on the sediment. Together, they will compare our samples with samples from several Boca Raton beaches collected after the beach renourishment project.  The one large Brain Coral appears to have been partially buried years ago. This conclusion was reached by observing its stratification. Such stratification is indicative of a past partial burial. At it’s current rate, if the sand continues to accumulate, this specimen will be completely buried within approximately one month.

Our marine biologist, Dr Randy Brooks, has been monitoring and videotaping a particular coral reef in Boca for years. With this baseline information we are hoping to learn more about littoral drift in the area.


Stephen Attis,
Vone Research Inc.


Diploria (brain coral) with sand partially fanned off. Note that about 3 inches of sand has been removed.
The same coral with more sand fanned off. Note evidence of a previous burial, now dark, below latest insult. Measuring rod is marked in one inch segments
Gorgonian buried over the holdfast. Rod went in three inches before hitting
hard bottom. There was nothing else visible here in the immediate vicinity.

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