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In early November 2001 Frank Schmidt contacted Vone Research Inc. about working with him on his project “ Preserving Our Treasures.” After meeting with Frank and learning about the project we felt it was a noble cause. His idea was to make a video record of local reefs and fish habitats and combine it with a new mapping technique used by Broward County. It is our intention to find and document our marine resources and to protect and preserve their locations.  We have created a video called "Preserving Our Treasures". Over the past three years, we have done dozens of presentations for dive groups and other organizations including High schools and elementary schools. This video has been shown on public television and is now available at the library. We are extremely proud of the public awareness our project has brought to the community, in regards to our marine resources.

        Broward County and Coastal Planning and Engineering Inc. (C.P.E. Inc.) have said that “Preserving Our Treasures” was instrumental in redefining the sand borrow area number two (see map1). We are extremely proud of the difference we are making. If you would like to arrange for a presentation of “Preserving Our Treasures” contact Frank Schmidt at

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