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Coral Restoration and Monitoring Program

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 Dear Walt and Lisa,

         Thank you for your prompt attention to our permit application.  Per my telephone conversation with Lisa and the e-mail forwarded from Walt , we went back out to gather more information. We will be working in 37.7 feet of water. The anchor drag is 13 ft. 5 in. long.  On our permit application we stated we would be stabilizing 10 hard corals and some live rock with soft corals attached.  After measuring and photographing the hard corals we discovered three of them are totally dead and one more is not looking well. Now we have three hard corals in good shape, one that may not survive and three pieces of live rock.

 coral # 1 is  12 x 12  Montastrea cavernosa

 coral #2 is  18x18.5 Montastrea cavernosa

 coral #4 is   13x18   Montastrea cavernosa

 coral #6 is   4x4 Montastrea cavernosa; slight chance it is Montastrea annularis

              on a live rock 8.5x13



  Stephen Attis
Vone Research, Inc.


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